[Balloon] FPGA and PCMCIA Fixed...

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Author: David Bisset
To: balloon
Subject: [Balloon] FPGA and PCMCIA Fixed...
I have now checked in VHDL that will make the FPGA version of the board
work, and fixes PCMCIA operation.

I have tested this on 2.6.29-1 (using Menuconfig) and Nick Bane is testing
on 2.6.34.

2.6.29-1 works fine, although Nick reports a possible problem with some
wireless LAN cards.

I've had CF flash cards and Wired LAN working fine.

Nick has fixed a number of issues with 2.6.34 and PCMCIA and he will CI
those once they are fully tested.

The only obvious outstanding issue is that the PCMCIA cards do not suspend
and so current consumption is high with a card in.

(Fine if no card present). I will look at fixing this if anyone is

I would point out that there is no need to upgrade CPLD based cards as these
updates only affect FPGA and PCMCIA.

I have also altered the way the VHDL switches between VLIO and No VLIO
operating modes and anyone who wishes to test VLIO should read the comments
in the VHDL. We believe that the 88 series Marvel PXA processors have fixed
the 48MHz clock bug that made VLIO operation non-viable, but no-one has
tested this yet.

Once Release 1.0 is complete I will also integrate the PINKO serial patch
and tidy up the module interface with a better worked example.

Kind regards

David Bisset