Re: [Balloon] Regression since trunk 1260

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Author: Hector Oron
To: balloon
Subject: Re: [Balloon] Regression since trunk 1260

2010/10/26 Charles Manning <>:

> I just live with the getline problem :-). It is easy enough to work around,
> but of course a fix/patch would be better.

Could you please test again? Fix got into trunk/

> Forcing people to use Lenny to build is v draconian, IMHO. It would force most
> people to set up a Lenny system just to build Balloon - an incredible
> dis-incentive.

I agree. That has also been fixed at least tested on Debian sid.
Ubuntu Maverick is in my stack.

Nick Bane says the latest menuconfig2 builds OK, try removing
the kernel build directory and re-make and report back.

Best regards,
 Héctor Orón

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System, which one day will disconnect us."

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