[Balloon] Default build targets

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Author: Neil Williams
To: balloon
Subject: [Balloon] Default build targets

Shortly to appear in trunk/ and already in the barmy branch.

Clean checkouts can now build directly without further configuration
and specific default targets are available where automated builds are

Note: These default targets WILL erase the previous config and build
results to ensure reproducible builds!

Once the default target has been invoked, subsequent builds should just
use 'make' - if you specify the default target again, it will start the
whole process again, including removing the previous build results.

After using a default target, you can use make menuconfig to make
further tweaks and build as normal using 'make'. To remove the effects
of a default target, remove the .config file and re-run make
menuconfig, possibly loading a different configuration file.

To add one of your own targets to the default target list, send a
suitable .config file to the mailing list along with the product name
to use for that config.

Default targets have the form:

defconfig$(VARIANT) where variant is something like -tcl-sl40 etc.

defconfig files live in a new defconfigs/ top level directory.


Neil Williams