Re: [Balloon] Installing NAND Kernels

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Author: Patrick Doyle
To: balloon
Subject: Re: [Balloon] Installing NAND Kernels
What rev bootldr are you using?

According to my (relatively recent, but not necessarily
up-to-date-as-of-today) sources for bootldr, the yaffs2 command simply
sets the linuxargs params, and the default value for linuxargs sets
the rootfs type to yaffs2.

It seems like this should have worked without the need to execute
"yaffs2", unless something changed more recently than my last "svn
update" (probably about a week ago).


On Tue, Jun 14, 2011 at 2:21 PM, David Bisset
<> wrote:
> I've just been caught out by a change in the way bootloader works (I'm not sure from which rev this change occurred).
> When loading a NAND kernel from the NOR kernel it is important to go and execute the following commands in bootloader:
> boot> yaffs2
> boot> params save
> Otherwise the kernel doesn't get told it's booting from a Yaffs kernel and the chainboot will fail. (I believe there is a similar command for ubifs).
> I'm assuming this is a consequence of removing yaffs from bootloader and the fact that telling the kernel the wrong FS type is painful given that we now have a choice of FS type.
> I've amended the Wiki docs accordingly but it would have been nice if this had happened when the change was made and then flagged to the list...
> Regards
> David
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