[Balloon] Updating old Balloon kernel patches

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Author: Chris Jones
To: Balloon
Subject: [Balloon] Updating old Balloon kernel patches
Hi all,

A couple of years ago I made a new variant of the Balloon software
called 'podpoint', which includes various kernel patches for custom
devices and a couple of mods to bootldr. There are no prizes for
guessing its application. I'm now in a situation where I'd like to
update those patches to cope with a new version of the hardware they

My problem is that in the intervening time, the whole Balloon world has
changed a couple of times, and neither I nor anyone else has kept the
patches up to date with either the new build system or current kernel

I would like to do this update with minimum possible effort and the
smallest possible change set. The application doesn't care about being
on the bleeding edge, and the old kernel ( does its job just
fine. However, I'm prepared to come kicking and screaming into the
present day if it'll pay dividends now or in the future.

I vainly tried an 'svn up' on my ancient checkout of trunk, which failed
miserably because so much has changed.

I'm currently building the podpoint variant of the '1.0-stable' branch,
which seems to be working.

My question: is it permissible or indeed advisable to make modifications
in the 1.0-stable branch with kernel, or somewhere else, or
somehow coax everything into menuconfig2 and a modern kernel? The
thought of getting the device drivers working with a different kernel
fills me with horror. There are enough variables in this project as it
is, and I don't want to spend any more late nights on it.

Chris Jones -
Martin-Jones Technology Ltd c/o Element Energy Ltd
Twenty Station Road, Cambridge, CB1 2JD, UK
Phone +44 (0) 1223 655611 Fax +44 (0) 870 112 3908