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Author: Chris Jones
To: balloon
Subject: Re: [Balloon] Installing libraries for cross-building applications to run on Balloon
On 11/10/2011 19:09, Chris Jones wrote:
> On 30/09/2011 14:56, Neil Williams wrote:
>>> What's the approved way of installing -dev package for
>>> cross-building under Debian at the moment?
>> $ sudo apt-get install xapt $ sudo xapt -m -a armel libssl-dev
>> (much other useful and informative stuff)
> Thank you Wookey and Neil for this information. I haven't had chance
> to act on it yet because almost immediately after sending the message
> I got poorly and am not yet back at work, but will be trying this out
> as soon as health permits!

I've now tried this out and it worked like a charm. Thank you. The only
wrinkle was that xapt under Debian Squeeze doesn't seem to understand
the '-m' switch so I just left it out.

In my original mail I mentioned two different Debian Squeeze machines,
one which had the armel libssl-dev package installed and one which
didn't, and I couldn't work out how to install it on the one which
didn't. This problem is now solved thanks to the above advice.

I've worked out that the original machine must have had armel libssl-dev
installed on it under Lenny, almost certainly via apt-cross. The package
must have survived the upgrade to Squeeze.

Upshot: I can now build a client's application software on my laptop.
This is most useful.

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