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Author: David Bisset
To: Wookey
CC: Balloon
Subject: Re: [Balloon] Power connector details
Farnell Part number 9492488 is on the board.
Crimps and a suitable shell are 3617210 and 3616204


On 19 Oct 2011, at 12:43, Wookey wrote:

> I can't find a spec/name part number for the balloon power connector
> on the wiki.
> The manufacturing info just says: CON_PH200_4WAY
> Searching for 'PH200' online gets chris's balloon connector pinout
> datasheet, and not much else. That says 'Molex PH200', which is a
> clue...
> RS has never heard of a 'Molex PH200', farnell thinks its a CCTV camera.
> So - more details needed please. It's one of the first things someone
> with a new loon needs to know.
> How might one specify such a thing, and where might one actually buy
> it?
> Wookey
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